In case you have a website, a problem might always emerge and it doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with the hosting service. For example, something may go wrong when you bring an app up to date or some critical data may be edited or erased accidentally. No matter what the nature of the problem might be, you will have to touch base with the client service staff and ask them to recover a backup or to help you deal with the problem that you are confronting. How timely they will do that will predetermine the period of time that your websites will be unreachable. For specific sites such as community sites or shopping portals, an oft-repeated unavailability often equals losing visitors and money. Hence, it’s important for you to use the services of a company that provides not only a very good customer service, but also a well-timed one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Cloud Hosting

If you are using one of our cloud hosting and you have a question or run into some predicament, you can contact us 24x7 by submitting a ticket or by writing an e-mail and we will make sure that you obtain an answer in less than 1 hour. If the issue can be sorted out, we’ll do it before we respond to you, whereas in case there is something that you have to do on your end, we will provide you with all the necessary details – what settings to check, what workable solutions to try, and so on. Usually, you’ll receive a reply within maximum half an hour, so waiting for hours and hours or even for more than one day to obtain support is something inconceivable. Our sixty-minute response time guarantee applies to any query that you might have – billing, general or technical.